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Donguan Thor Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in producing various sorts and specifications of machine tool accessories and Universal cutter and tool grinder. Our main product are: Drill grinder, end mill grinder, screw tap grinder, chamfering machine, cutter  grinder, Tool grinder, saw blade sharpener, lathe tool grinder, ejector pin cutting off machine, dividing head, rotary table etc. Product have  reliable quality and long term export to USA, Europe, Asia, South America etc.  With high precision and full varieties are deeply trusted and appreciated by customers both at home and abroad. Products are widely used in machinery manufacturing, mould making, printing, advertisement sculpture, paper making, Bridges, mechanical lock, woodworking machinery, military industry and other industries.
Our company has a group of professional technician and after-sales service people, it have a comprehensive quality control and management in the production or sale, welcome to inquire and visit.
The comments and feedback of enduser and dealers is important informatiois to improve the quality of our products , and also good chance to improving the development and production of the product and service way.
Thor Team in line with “quality, honesty, innovation, service" purposes, adhere to the concept of excellence. With reliable quality and advanced technology, we can lead in the forefront of the Times.

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